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Abosranie Bogom is a goregrind project started in 1999 by Jash K. (a.k.a. Shit Eater) who now resides in Haifa, Israel and is known for other projects including Screwrot, Soldered Poon, Brownfilled Human Race, Palpating Feces, Sewaged, Xezbeth, and Fekalizator. Abosranie Bogom is an incorrect transliteration of a Russian word combination "Обосранные Богом", which translates to "shitted upon by God". The project is devoted to a subgenre of goregrind known as coprogrind or shitgrind, which means that the music contains sound samples of farting and defecation, whereas the lyrics are devoted to black humour about genitals, feces et cetera. Other members of Abosranie Bogom were or still are drummer Ryan Wilson of Intestinal Disgorge, another drummer Tom Davidov of Hell Darkness, and vocalist Gilles de Fruyt of Soldered Poon. Abosranie Bogom is currently on hiatus.

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