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Agathocles is a legendary grindcore band from Belgium, who describe their music as "mincecore". The band started in 1985, and has gone through many line-up changes - with Jan Frederickx being the only original member - but is still going strong today. Agathocles have gained an underground cult following through their frequent releases - which mostly include countless 7" EPs, Split 7" EPs, full-length CDs / LPs, and compilations - adding up throughout the years to become one of the largest discographies of any grindcore band. Official Website: :Notable Recent and Upcoming Releases: Semtex 10 EP [Sunship Records, 2010] Abrir Las Puertas 12" [Bringer Of Gore Records, 2010] Cliché / Pressure CD [Haunted Hotel Records, 2010] This is Not a Threat, It's a Promise CD / LP [Selfmadegod Records, 2010] Matadores Del Libertad LP [Sick Records, 2010] Split 7" EP w/ Violent Gorge [To Live A Lie Records, 2011] Mince Core History 1997-1999 CD [Selfmadegod Records, 2011] Scorn of Mother Earth EP [Goatgrind Records, 2011] Angry Anthems 1985-2010 CD [Obliteration Records, 2011]

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