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Dirty, dark, and vicious. Hurtful, sorrowful and hateful. aktivehate spawned from the mind of ISK early 2007, under the moniker Aktiv[e|h]ate, in the aftermath of his former band’s ending. The band laid dormant for more than one year, working towards defining a good clear sound and refining its identity and in 2009 finally became active, playing live at its debut as opener act for German band Stereomotion in Oporto, and releasing its first effort. aktivehate released two free EPs during the year 2009 through Portuguese netlabel Enough Records (still available for download on the band and label’s websites), both of which received great reviews and started setting a name for the band, and establishing it as a “newcomer to watch”. In the last months of 2009 aktivehate signed a deal with Hungarian label Advoxya Records for the release of it's debut full-length album, "In Terrorem", which came out in June 2010. The album once again received rave reviews, and represented a step up both in the quality and in refinement of the music and in defining an identity. Rather than just trying to emulate and repeat a formula, like so many other bands, “In Terrorem” introduces musical elements not often used in dark electro. Taking a gamble and using high-distortion guitars and clean vocals alongside the more typical elements of dark electro, aktivehate unwillingly opened a door for other bands. Even though fusing industrial with metal was hardly a new thing at all, the music still was dark electro, without falling into industrial metal. The great response to the fusion prompted other bands to start using guitars live (even some established bands with no guitars on their music) and to start inserting them or emulating their sound in their songs, a trend that has been more and more embraced. Their third free EP "Forgotten Evils" was again released by Enough Records in May 2011, consisting of b-sides and older songs, while the composition process for the successor of “In Terrorem” took place, spanning from summer 2010 to autumn 2011. “Resynthesized/Desynthesized” is due to come out in early 2012 and is set to become the most characteristic aktivehate release yet, building upon the experimentation that has become a staple of the band, going further into the path opened with "In Terrorem", and setting their mark in industrial as a band with a unique sound, not just one more copycat with friends in high places. www.aktivehate.com www.myspace.com/aktivehate www.vampirefreaks.com/aktivehate

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