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Amduscia is a Mexican Aggrotech band. The name Amduscia is derived from a duke of Hell who occurs in medieval demonology, who was said to perform concerts without the audience ever seeing the instruments being played. Amduscia formed in the spring of 1999. Polo, Edgar and Raul decided to express in their music the pain, the cruelty, the madness, the rage produced by living in a difficult place, "the real Hell, named Mexico City..." Following their first release, a demo named "Perdicion, Perversion, Demencia," the German label, Out of Line, inserted the first of Amduscia's tracks for the world, "Evil Song" and "Profano tu Cruz," in its compilations, Machineries of Joy Vol. 1 & 2, with much success. In November of 2003, the acclaimed debut album of Amduscia, "Melodies for the Devil," was born and it remained in the number five place on the DAC for several weeks. This release was followed in 2005 by two singles: the "Dead or Alive" EPCD, which remained in the number 5 place as a single on the DAC, and "Impulso Biomechanico," a limited edition MCD. Amduscia's sophomore full-length album, "From Abuse to Apostasy," was released in 2006 on Out of Line Records (Europe) and Metropolis Records (North America). In addition, Amduscia has participated in the Out of Line Records compilations "Awake the Machines" Volumes 5 (2005, Disc 1) and 6 (2008, Disc 2) and has participated in European festivals such as WaveGotikTreffen (2004) and Mera Luna (2005), Out of line Festival 2008. The third full-length album, entitled "Madness in Abyss" has been released in October 2008, This is the last frontal sound blast of them More information can be found on the band's myspace at and on their official website, A full discography is available at As of 11.6.2009, Amduscia became a 2-person project after Raul Amduscia was removed from the band. As said on their website, "After a lot of contemplation and discussion, we have decided that it is in our best interest and those of our fans to make Amduscia a two-person project." In March 27th 2010 was announced Edgar “Amduscia“ Acevedo had died due to medical complications. No more details have been revealed about the future of Amduscia.

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