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Various artists share this name. 1) Currently active is a black metal band from Adelaide, Australia. 2) Amor is now known as Jon Amor. In this age of manufactured bands and ready-made pop stars, Amor are an increasingly rare phenomenon. Since early 2001, they have been establishing themselves on the live music scene, not only as considerably skilled musicians, but also as purveyors of great songs in a style, which is uniquely theirs. Such has been their progress that front man Jon Amor's previous exploits in UK blues band The Hoax have quickly become a distant memory. As the 21st century dawned, Jon joined forces with a formidable rhythm section in the shape of bassist Mat Beable and drummer Wayne Proctor, and together they fused his distinctive and widely recognized guitar style with fresh, contemporary grooves and samples to be showcased on their eponymous debut album, released in the Spring of 2001. The album was greeted with great critical acclaim: The band followed up this release with a constant touring schedule that took them all over the UK and Europe, and included appearances at numerous summer festivals, and opening shows for Gary Moore and John Mayall among others. In June 2002 the band made a triumphant appearance at the Glastonbury Festival ("Amor rock like hell" - Official Glastonbury Review; "The best guitar playing of the weekend" - Amplifier Magazine, USA) before returning to the studio to begin work on their brand new album 'Even After That'. "Even After That" was released in November 2002 and this has been met, once again, with critical acclaim, and this proves that over a relatively short period of time Amor have grown considerably. This shows that there is evidence that Amor's growing character and songwriting maturity, and with Jon Amor's distinctive voice sounding more confident than ever it is another giant step towards establishing the AMOR SOUND in the public's consciousness. Journalists all over Europe have praised the band, both live and in the studio, and have compared the band to many major chart selling acts such as Paul Weller, Beck, Gomez and Moby as well as the contemporary blues greats such as Cream, and early Led Zeppelin. On stage, the band continues to excite audiences worldwide, now even more so with the addition of guitarist Mark Evans to the line-up. The new-look 4-piece AMOR will be supporting their new release with relentless touring and further appearances at major festivals throughout this year, as well as enhancing their reputation in Europe with extensive tours and national TV and radio appearances.

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