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There are 4 bands with the name ATC/A Touch of Class/Above the Clouds. 1) ATC, meaning A Touch of Class (the group's previous name), is a pop band based in Germany, although the four members each come from different countries — Joe from New Zealand, Sarah from Australia, Tracey from England, and Livio from Italy. All four members were performers in the German production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" in Hamburg when they met. Before the release of their second album the band had to drop the use of the abbreviation of their band name due to a legal dispute. They broke into the mainstream with their electronica crossover hit single "Around the World (La La La La La)" (a cover of Ruki Vverkh's "Pesenka") off their debut album Planet Pop (February 6, 2001) under Sony BMG Music Entertainment. "Around the World" has received massive radio play world-wide, but the rest of the album was generally considered lacking by critics. In 2000 they won an ECHO for Best Dance Act. Since then, they have produced a second album, Touch The Sky (2003). After flopping with their second album BMG dropped ATC in May 2003. The band spoke about a break for 2-3 years to change their music, but now there is no sign of a comeback as each member has resumed his or her "normal" life again. 2) A Touch of Class, a 5 member Jazz Combo Based in the Niagara Region and directed by Craig Inglis, A Touch of Class plays music ranging from the post World War I "Tin Pan Alley", to the romantic ballads and Swing tunes of the 30's and 40's Big Band era, and Classic Rock of the 60's & 70's. The Band includes: Alto Sax - Channing Julien, Tenor Sax - Lucas Durand, Baritone Sax - Talek Julian, Bass - Liv Shaw, and Percussionist - Adam Slinn 3) ATC (Above the Clouds) Swedish heavy metal group formed in 1978, in Stockholm. They released the only album in their career, Cut in Ice. After this... they split up. Last known line-up of them is: H. Spider Soder -vocals Mappe Bjorkman - guitars Tommy Denander -guitars Anders Gustafsson - bass Per Liljefors - drums 4) A.T.C. is a rap group from San Francisco, CA.

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