Aztecs top 20 songs


Aztecs biography

ChrisGoes(Australian) Billy’s new career was very much performance rather than hit driven. His group’s next albums where ‘Aztecs – Live’ (recorded at Melbourne Town Hall) and ‘Aztecs Live – At Sunbury’. The rise to popularity of this Aztecs coincided with the liberation of liquor regulations in Melbourne, bringing rock and roll out of the dances and clubs, and into the pubs. Despite or because of their volume, The Aztecs became the premier pub attraction. Occasionally Billy would take his hands off his electric guitar and again put his hands behind his back, a signal for his devoted audience to imitate him. The call and response relationship between stage and audience was a big part of the group’s appeal. That and the ‘boogie’ rock style Billy Thorpe evolved would be a direct influence on the latterday AC/DC. 1.Somebody Left Me Crying 2.Time To Live 3.Be Bop A Lula 4.Momma

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