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Burial Born is a russian modern-metal band from the city of Voronezh. The band was founded by Alexander Tulupov in order to write songs with a melodic, atmospheric, modern and progressive musical direction. The official date of birth of band considers on October, 22nd, 2008. But the first thougts about the project came to Tulupov on the first of January, 2008. He focused on his new project only, began writing music and texts, thinking of the concept and philosophy of the band. By the way, Alexandra Lyubimova, ex-keys of Arnar, supported him throughout all the time. So, two vacancies (vocal/growl and keys/ sinth) have been occupied by Tulupov and Lyubimova. Then they recruited Maxim Biryukov (ex-clean vocal of Arnar) as a bass guitarist and a vocalist (clean-voice) and Vladimir Stebakov and Pavel Shatalov (the guitarists of alternative-metal band The Day Before) as guitarists. But the most difficult were the searches of the drummer for Burial Born. The band has replaced three drummers until they found the most approaching one - Alexander Tihiy. After a long period of working with the material burial born gave 2 successful concerts. By the time Alexandrer Tihiy leaves the band and after new searches of a drummer Andrew Volkov comes to Burial Born. Now bb is working hard with their material, writing new songs and trying to involve record labels. THE BANDMEMBERS include: Alexander Tulupov (vocals) Alexandra Lyubimova (keys/sinth) Maxim Biryukov (bass guitar, vocals) Vladimir Stebakov (guitar) Pavel Shatalov (guitar) Alexander Tihiy (drums) Sergey Bobrovnikov (sound, manage)

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