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Camo biography

Camo, AKA Reini Rietsch was born in 1983 and lives in Salzburg, Austria His first real love was skateboarding. He started in 1992 and is still riding today. His second love came in 2002, when he started trying to get some sort of music out of his computer. A lot has happened since 2002 and now he is one of Austria's most up-and-coming Drum And Bass producers. He spends almost every night making music and collaborating with producers all over Europe. No wonder his university career, study of communications, isn’t going as well as his musical one. Camo has had plays on BBC Radio1, 1Xtra, Kiss 101 and the Hospital podcasts which has brought him recognition within the scene. In his first half year of releasing in 2007 he has more then 15 vinyl releases on D&B labels out of the UK and Germany, like new identity, defunked and many more. You will definitely hear more of this rising talent in 2008. As Grooverider said on BBC Radio 1 about Camo's debut release 'Lost Heaven' on the record label World of Drum And Bass: “I want you to hear this properly. This will be in my box for a good while. Shine a Spotlight on some new talent. Definitely one of the biggest Amen tunes I've heard in a long time". So watch out for this kid, he has got over 40 of his own finished dubs which he will play out in clubs all over Europe soon. Camo has dj support by Pendulum, Grooverider, London electricity, Dj SS, Simon Bassline Smith, Crissy Criss, Future Prophecies and many more....

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