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Cease2Xist is Dayve Yates Formed in 2010 comes a savage hybrid of heavy beats, Industrial noise and punk. In November 2010 Cease2Xist released their debut EP ‘Living by the Bullet’ combining elements from various genres, this release showcased classic industrial music with razor sharp modern overtones. Inspired by people’s perception of all that is right and wrong with the world, Cease2Xist is harsh, relentless and unforgiving. Currently working on their forth-coming debut album ‘You are Expendable’ this album will combine melody with hard hitting electro inspired from a wide range of genres. due for release early 2012. C2X Live is Dayve Yates, Jay Ruin and Seamus Bradd Debut EP 'Living by the Bullet' Get this release at http://cease2xist.bandcamp.com I am also currently remixing artists so if you are interested in either remixing C2X or C2X to remix a track of yours get in touch.

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