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"Top 10 DJ of 2004" -MTV "I don't play exclusive songs, I make them" - this is the philosphy that DJ Vlad aka Vlad the Butcher uses when creating his internationally sought-after mixtapes. In a relatively short time, Vlad rose throught the ranks of the DJ world. He was recently named a "Top 10 DJ of 2004" by MTV. He received 'Mixtape of the Year' awards from Vibe Magazine, XXL magazine and the Mixtape Awards for his "2Pac: Rap Phenomenon" mixtape (which he collaborated on with Green Lantern and Dirty Harry). He has been featured in countless shows such as BET, MTV, and the Associated Press. As well as magazines like The Source, Dub, Fader, Thrasher and many others. He has played in some of the biggest clubs in the world in places such as Japan, Australia, Europe, all over the US, and even in the Middle-East where he entertained US troops. Vlad's mixtapes became so talked about that major artists and celebrities would seek out Vlad to appear on his mixtapes. Shaquille O'neal, Alicia Keys, Wyclef, Xzibit, Jadakiss, and Busta Rhymes have all collaborated on Vlad the Butcher CD's. DJ Vlad started with Hip-Hop back in 1983 during his breakdance days. In the early 90’s he got involved in the San Francisco Bay Underground Hip-Hop scene as a producer. By the mid 90’s, he switched from music production into the DJ arena, starting out with mixtapes. By using his production savvy to create his mixtapes, he quickly gained notoriety. Vlad originated the "Internet Mixtape", being the first DJ to release mixtapes in MP3 format. Even today in most MP3 sharing programs a search for "DJ Vlad" will typically garner about 1000’s of copies of his mixtapes still in circulation. In 2002, Vlad moved to New York to further his DJ career. After only a few short months in New York, DJ Vlad was nominated in the 2K2 Mixtape awards – a feat that takes most Mixtape DJ’s at least 5 years to accomplish. As his mixtape notoriety grew, big name started to work with him - DJ's like Eminem's own Green Lantern and Nas's DJ Dirty Harry. After hot CD after hot CD, Vlad became the first out-of-state DJ to make it in the cut-throat New York DJ game. His style revolved around his production skills - where he created his own exclusives songs from pieces of other songs. "At first, it just started with taking the vocals from one song and ta beat from another - but then I stepped it up. I would have an artist like Xzibit do an orignal verse, then I would have Busta Rhymes do his own verse, I'd call up a super-producer like Hi-Tech and get a new beat, finally I would have an singer like Brooklyn do the hook - and suddenly I got a hot song that nobody else has" DJ Vlad continues to raise the par in the Mixtape game. A typical DJ Vlad Mixtape has over 50 songs, and dozens of world-famous remixes. Many celebrities are huge fans of his CD’s, including Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Game, and Kanye West.

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