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E-sex-t biography

E-SEX-T is an alternative metal/rapcore band from Arkhangelsk, Russia. E-SEX-T stands for Elephant Sex Troubles. The band was formed in 1994. Two years later they self-released a rapcore album "Human War" with lyrics both in russian and in english. In 2000 E-SEX-T self-released "Elephant's Time" ("Время Слона"). Since their first album the music got more mature, partly because english was not used in lyrics anymore and the music itself gained melody. Among mainly rapcore/industrial tracks there was an acoustic song "Ее еще нет" (She still is not present). In 2005 E-SEX-T signed to leading russian alternative record label "Kap-Kan" and released "Do You Hear?!" ("Слышишь?!") consisting of 10 tracks. Recently, the band has released their first video for "Able to die" ("Способные умереть"), the song that has been the biggest success from the album thus far. Current Members: Se - Vocals CoRR - Guitar Sla.K - Bass DeNo - Guitar Bob - Drums E-SEX-T's official website

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