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F-word biography

There are 2 distinct artists calling themselves F-Word. - The punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. - The breakbeat / dubstep artist from Moscow. 1. The California punk band that played from 1977-1978 at the legendary Masque in Hollywood, California and the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. The group featured Richard Elerick aka Rick L Rick, later Rik L Rik on vocals. The group’s live album “Like It Or Not” was the very first release on the seminal Posh Boy label, owned by the group’s manager Robbie Fields. Tracks from this album are contained on the “Beach Blvd.” CD, released on Posh Boy and have been re-issued in Europe by Get Back Records. One of their songs “Government Official” was covered by the Swedish group Sator. F-Word were the first L.A. punk band to release an album. Their 1978 debut was also their only record, since they disbanded when Dutch Schultz/Will Shatter (bass) and Steve EffeteDePace (drums) formed Flipper. Singer Rik L. Rik went on to SoCal punk rock notoriety. 2. Back to 90s, when the F-Word project had just begun it’s story, it was easy to feel the influence of hardcore and jungle sound, and the first beats of electronic music in it. Later, the new wave of breakbeat inspired the project to do some kind of serious experiments. Going back to roots, F-Word gains a great interest in funk, soul, hip-hop and DJ-culture. In 2005 he performs his first DJ-set and gets the inspiration from breaks music. After that, he finally steps into the breaks-music path. The year 2007 was a very important year for the project and it was full of significant events such as "Red Devil DJ Battle" and release of the first single by F-Word project, which became popular overnight in many foreign web stores. At the moment F-Word produces new tracks and remixes, performs dj-sets, and has seven releases, many of them are in top-charts of best-selling releases in popular web-stores. F-Word tracks are being played on radio-stations all over the world.

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