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Fable biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Drum and Bass producer from Midlands, UK. Info from his soundcloud: "Originally born and raised in the south-western parts of Sweden, the interest and creation of music effected me at the age of 15 when a friend introduced me to Propellerheads Reason. I started to create beats with deep rock influence from fathers vinyl collection, getting inspiration from artist such as Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Rainbow, Whitesnake and so on. I got into the happy vibes of Ska for a while before I reached the age of 16 when my friend introduced me to the underground hip hop scene including producers and groups such as 9th Wonder, Kev Brown, Pete Rock, Tony Stone, Lightheaded, The Procussions, Symbolic1, Living Legends, Little Brother, J Dilla, People Under The Stairs and so on.. This was definitely the start of my love for jazz, soul and funk. First time I heard drumnbass I was stuck, dancing funky dances to tunes like Racing Green from High Contrast was really a positive lift-up in my life. Nowadays the deep soulful liquid and moody vibes is whats pumped through my speakers. " 2) Fable is a cooperation of Jonas Steur(also know as Estuera) and Fabrice Ernst (who produces under the name DJ Fabb'x). They have currently released one single, "Above" (2006), which was featured on the A State of Trance 2006 compilation. 3) One of Canada’s original rhythm rock outfits that haven’t stood the test of time, Fable blended the questionable aesthetics of cape-laden Rush with Paranoid-era Black Sabbath’s eeriness and a moderately softer structural attack reminiscent of Budgie. The end result is the perfect Black Light metal begging for a big ol’ bong suck and an imaginary dragon ride to the land of vans painted with wizards, barbarians and Aztec goddesses. 4) The Original Soundtrack of the computer RPG, Fable: The Lost Chapters. 5) A Christian metalcore bands from Michigan which was formed in 1997 and ended in 2000. They released a demo-tape, the 'Give Us The Night' 7" in 1998 (Takehold Records) and a split 7" with Mara'akate in 2000 (Happy Couples Never Last). Singer/songwriter David Vandervelde joined this band in 1997 when he was 14 years old. 6) Fable is a Indie band from Indonesia. Members: Adi Cumi-Sumo Hadi Wibowo (Vocal) Not-Anton Wahyudi (Guitar) Temy-Timothy Markus (Bass)

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