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The eurodance-duo Fabrizio e Marco origins from Austria and consists of Fabrizio Cardelloni and Marco Marello. DJ Fabrizio Cardelloni was born March 8th 1976 in Vienna . In his early childhood, Fabrizio was interested in music and always figured out new ways to "steal" the records of his parents and play them on their stereo. In 1986, when Fabrizio was 10 years old, he discovered his second interest: dancing. Stimulated by the new dancing style of Michael Jackson, he began to dance both in the privacy of his home and in public. When he was 13 years old, Fabrizio went to the disco for the first time accompanied by his mother. His parents were friends with both the owner and resident DJ of the disco. Soon after, Fabrizio took to DJing himself and learned a lot about both DJ techniques and equipment. When he was 16 years old, he began roaming the discos in Vienna and surrounding areas together with his friends. He met a lot of the Top DJs of the time who served as influential guides to help him on his journey of becoming a deep, successful DJ. One year later, the DJ of the disco Fabrizio first went to resigned. The job opening needed to be filled and Fabrizio was recommended for the postition. While travelling through Austria, the desire to create and produces his won music slowly boiled up inside him. In February 2003, he met a guy singer Marco while DJing at a party. At this point in time, Fabrizio was in need of a great vocalist and a studio. He saw Marco as the means by which he could fill this need. The two joined forces after this chance meeting and soon started their careers in the music industry. One year later they became the promising musician team of "Fabrizio e Marco". MC - Marco Marello was born January 13th 1980 in Vienna. In his early childhood, Marco's destiny was clear: he could sing along with every tune he heard and at the age of 8 he began to perform at family celebrations and other small events. Over time, by singing in karaoke clubs, Marco developed his singing skills. When he was 20 years old Marco met some singers who were just as talented as him. They then founded an "a cappella group" that split up later due to differences of opinion. However, this was not an all bad experience for Marco. He actually ended up meeting a talented musician who had taken to producing and was still taking the first steps in his career. Even though the two never released a track, Marco gained priceless knowledge about the use of a studio and the equipment within it. His experiences during this time inspired him to create his very own home studio. In February 2003 Marco met Fabrizio Cardelloni at a party. At that point in time, Fabrizio was searching for both a vocalist and a studio. Captivated by his talent, Marco decided that they should join forces in order to fulfil both of their needs. One year later they became the promising musician team of "Fabrizio e Marco". Their success over the last few years has proven to the music community that they have more talent than they are given credit for.

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