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Facultet biography

Fakultet is a rock band formed in Dniprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine in 2001. The original lineup consisted of Maksym Chervinskyi (bass), Andriy Zozulia (guitar), Oleksandr Sesulianov (drums) and V. Trushyn (vocals). Soon, the latter left the band and Valia Levchenko took his place as the band's new vocalist. This was a turning point for the band. Their first album "Мить" (Moment) was released in 2006. Same year Valia Levchenko left the band and Katia Ageyeva replaced her on vocals. The latter in turn was replaced by Anna Sokoliuk in 2009. Free tracks can be downloaded at their offical website, www.fakultet.com.ua (Ukrainian).

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