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Faith Assembly is a Synthpop/New Romantic project run by Mark Stacy, who founded the project and currently continues it in the USA. Stacy started out releasing recordings on his own Record Label, The Diary of Winter Publishing, and later was taken on by the record label A Different Drum. Faith Assembly has produced a number of albums and several singles, their most famous within the underground synthpop scene probably being Shades of Blue and Red Ambition. Faith Assembly's songs often feature on A Different Drum compilations and taster CDs. Style Using the classic 80's synthpop sound in the early albums such as Shades of Blue and The Diary of Winter, Stacy makes use of guitars, retro synths, samples from old films and female vocals to produce a sound not unlike 80s groups ABC, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Simple Minds.

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