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Frozen biography

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Frozen is a Black/Death metal band from Spain. They formed in 2001 and have thus far released 2 demos, an EP, a single, and 1 full length album titled "The Unborn". They are currently signed to Downfall Records (Swe). Though from Spain, their music is similar to the Swedish style of black metal. 2) Frozen is the Death/Black technical melodic band from Montreal Canada. They have release their first demo in 2003 and have release their first full lenght album ''In Time'' in 2007. The recording was done by Pierre Remillard (Cryptosy, Quo Vadis, Martyr) and the mastering was done by George Marino (Death, Sepultura, Iron Maiden). 3) Frozen is a nordic black metal band from northwestern Russia (Murmansk city). Releases: 1. Demo 2006 (Self Prod.) 2. Ideal Cold (demo EP) 2007 (Self Prod.) 3. Frozen (demo) 2007 (Self Prod.) 4. Son Of The North (single) 2007 (Self Prod.) 5. Their names on snows (ЕР) 2007 (Algiz Prod. - MC release/ Contempt Prod. - CD release) 4) Frozen is Hardcore band from Tabasco, Mexico. 5) Frozen is a pseudonym of Planet Core Productions member Miroslav Pajic. There is just one record released under this name (Narcotic Network Recordings 001) and a collaboration with Dr. Macabre. 6) Frozen is a Melodic Power Metal band from Punta Arenas, Chile. They have only two releases, a self-titled demo (2004) and their first full-lenght album titled Cloning Angels (2007) 7) Frozen is a powerful,energetic band from Europe (Spain) who produce sensitive songs. 8) Frozen is a progressive doom/death metal band from Romania. 9) Frozen is also a progressive death metal band from Townsend, Massachusetts. They have released two albums: "Forever Seems Like A Waste Of Time" (2003) ans "Enemy Soil" (2006).

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