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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The group's name literally means "the fish-snake", which means an eel in Hebrew ("Ha" meaning the, "dag"' meaning fish, and "nachash" meaning snake). It is also, however, a Hebrew spoonerism. In Israel, people who have only recently gotten their driver's licenses place a tag on their back window with the words "Nehag Chadash" Hebrew: נהג חדש ("new driver"). The anagram "HaDag Nachash" therefore indicates the group's ambitions: a voice for the youth in Israel[citation needed]. Band members have also claimed that signs that look similar to Nahag Chadash with the band's name would be placed in cars to confuse police officers. [1] The band's icon, depicting a child urinating, comes from a Hebrew idiom loosely translated as from where the fish pisses (מאיפה משתין הדג) meaning something akin to how it's done. (As in, "That amateur thinks he can beat me—I'll show him from where the fish pisses!").

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