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Haight-Ashbury Links: http://www.haight-ashbury.co.uk/ http://www.facebook.com/HaightAshbury http://www.myspace.com/haightashburyuk "The two female singers, backed by a talented male guitarist, are like a new and improved version of a psychedelic Abba. The lyrics are great, the vocals are haunting, the timing is impressive and they fill the stage like a bigger much fuller band" Lesley-Anne Brown, The Sunday Herald "...and our old (although they are young) pals Haight-Ashbury whose blend of hippy rock just gets better and better." Rick Fulton, The Daily Record “This Glasgow trio promise to deliver a great 2008. the three-piece hardly put a foot wrong in a captivating set of psychadelic-tinged folk. sublime effect”. THE SUNDAY MAIL **** “the trio showed just why they are one of the city's most promising and original up-and-coming bands. Unlike so many bands who attempt to replicate the past, the trio use their Sixties' influences to create something new, a fact they illustrated on each of the six songs aired”. DAILY RECORD**** “this three piece’s music is, like their attire, something of a paean to the beatific generation….guitarist Scott Reid conjures up bluesy, psychedelic riffs over which dual vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Kirsty Reid and Jennifer Thomson lay a dark haze of close-harmonies, bass and reverby snare drum patterns,… And anything which espouses a little extra peace, love and understanding on the fighty old streets of Glasgow can only be welcomed.” THE LIST *** "the acid-folk/soft-rock they make is startlingly good: ethereal, haunting melodies sung by two female singers, light/dark bluesy guitar and primitive drums make great songs from simple means."Shindig! Magazine “Evoking the summer of love with excellent close harmonies, they retained nevertheless a darker edge, highlighted perfectly in the epic Don't Let Your Music Die”. THE HERALD “It takes guts for a Scots band to call themselves after America's hippy mecca but boy do this trio deliver…. Freelove is the anthem the 60s never had….Fantastic sixties/psychedelic guitar playing….This is poptastic Americana with a twist.” THE DAILY RECORD “This is gentle and highly tuneful music and amongst its admirers is Mike Scott“ THE HERALD

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