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There are different bands under this name: 1) Hall of Fame was an american psychedelic folk band that existed from 1996 through the early 2000s. They released their first two full-lengths and a seven-inch on Amish Records, a subsequent full-length for Siltbreeze, a posthumous album on the Social Registry and a number of 7"s and live albums in-between. The group was comprised of three musicians who have gone on to create a significant body of solo material and collaborations: Samara Lubelski has had three solo albums on The Social Registry (plus releases on Eclipse, Destijl, Child of Microtones, among others). She has also played in late incarnations of Tower Recordings and Metabolismus and, most recently, recorded and toured with Thurston Moore. After Hall of Fame broke up, Theo Angell toured with Jackie O'Motherfucker and has gone on to release three solo albums (Polyamory, Amish and Digitalis). Theo also works in film and video art and has done music videos for JOM, Samara Lubelski, Exceptor and others. Dan Brown recorded one incredible album of solo percussion for Amish, Inner Boroughs. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles and plays in a free jazz ensemble. 2) 1) Hall of Fame was a 1990's Canadian dance-pop band.

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