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About MashUp-Germany IS MASHUP-GERMANY JUST ONE PERSON? Yes, it’s just me and my other me’s WHEN DID YOU START PRODUCING MASHUPS? September, 2008. HOW OLD ARE YOU? 26 WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I was born in Germany and I live there, but I am half-American. DO YOU PLAY A MUSIC INSTRUMENT? I started playing the drums when I was 12 and I play a little piano. WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THE ACAPELLAS AND INSTRUMENTALS FROM? Check my friends page to find an answer on this one. HOW DO YOU DO THE KEY MATCHING? Usually by ear, but I use software to verify certain parts. DID YOU MAKE ALL THE MASHUPS ON YOUR SITE BY YOURSELF? Yes, I did. WHAT SOFTWARE DO YOU USE? I use Adobe Audition 3.0, Sony Acid Pro, Logic Pro, Celemony Melodyne, FruityLoops and some other tools. For DJing I use a MacBook Pro, VirtualDJ Pro 6.3 and the DJ Console RMX. CAN I DOWNLOAD YOUR MASHUPS? To quote Obama: “Yes, you can.” …damn, he said “Yes we can.”, well whatever. IS BENSTILLLER YOUR REAL NAME? No, it’s not. “Ben” is the name of my American grandfather who was murdered in Philadelphia in the 60s. The name “Stilller” is used in referring to the german novel “Stiller” by Max Frisch. It’s about a man that has major identification issues going on and it’s the same with my mixes. I play with the identity of music, I change and renew it. Put those two names together and you got “BenStilller”. I used the third “l” so that people don’t mistake me with the famous Hollywood actor, although the referring isn’t by accident. The actor does pretty much mainstream cinema but also some alternative stuff. I try the same with my mixes. I mostly use mainstream music, to reach many people, but I try to combine it with less known music I personally like. IS IT LEGAL WHAT YOU’RE DOING? Well, in the end it isn’t. I use copyrighted music and publish it (mostly) without permission. But because it is for non-commercial use, it is (mostly) tolerated. We need a international Copyright law, that allows people to edit and share the music they bought. I’m in contact with some of the artists I used in my mixes and none of them had a problem with me using their music. DO YOU EARN MONEY WITH YOUR MIXES? NO, I don’t and I don’t want to. I just want to share my love for music with you guys, that’s it. I have NO commercial purpose at all. CAN I MAKE DONATION TO MASHUP-GERMANY? No, you can’t Very nice, but I don’t want any money!!! WHY DO YOU USE ENGLISH ON YOUR PAGES? I get a lot of messages from Asia, Australia, the States, pretty much from all over the world, therefore it makes sense to use English. It’s the language almost everyone understands. WHAT’S YOUR GOAL WITH YOUR MASHUPS? My goal is to connect german and international music, to present german music to an international audience. MANY OF YOUR MASHUPS DON’T USE GERMAN MUSIC, WHY IS THAT? There are very few acapella and instrumental releases from Germany. There is simply a lack of ressources. DO YOU ALSO WORK AS DJ? Yes, I also work as pro Club-DJ. Started DJing when I was 14, dude, that’s like ten years ago…I’m getting old Find out about upcoming Livegigs on my “Events” Page. If you are a Booker or own a Club, check the “Booking” Page. I WANT TO PLAY ONE OF OF YOUR MIXES ON THE RADIO? No problem, just do it. No extra permission needed. To quote the actor Ben Stiller from the movie “Dodgeball”: “Do it, Do it, just do it!” I’M A SINGER / I HAVE A BAND AND WOULD LIKE TO DO A PROJECT WITH YOU. DO YOU DO STUFF LIKE THAT? Sure, just tell me about your ideas and we’ll see. Email to SOME OF YOUR VIDEOS DISAPPEARED. WHAT HAPPENED? Sometimes, as most of you proberly know, videos get blocked on youtube. If you use content that is licensed by WMG for example. If a video gets blocked, I usually upload it on vimeo and you find it on my blog. SOMETHING YOU WANT TO KNOW THAT ISN’T ANSWERED HERE? Please, just let me know and contact me (benstilller[at]

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