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Meek (with various capitalisations) is the name of more than one artist: 1) MeeK with a capital K (see also his separate profile Pop Artist MeeK is a British-French indie pop songwriter who has become a bit of a "cult-artist" over the years and he's one of the first european artists to have used the Internet as a marketing tool and a media to expose his music to the general public, long before the advent of MySpace, Facebook and the likes. He's a self taught guitarist, pianist, arranger and producer. He sings in both French and English. His music is melodic and his tunes are often conceived around multi-layered vocal harmonies. His lyrics tend to be somewhat surreal, very ironic with a lot of double-entendre, trippy distorted imagery and words seldom used in pop lyrics. The Meek Sound is a genuine blend of acoustic instruments, sophisticated vocal harmonies and this rather high-pitched and almost childlike voice of his. -- 2) Meek is the Canadian tech house producer Mike Baugh. -- 3) Meek is an Italian house trio. -- 4) Tamika Yvonne Brown (born June 17, 1972 in Philadephia, PA), known professionally as meeK with a small m and a capital K, is an American poet, spoken word vocalist, motivational speaker, writer and photography artist who independently releases her work, e.g. the album Egression in 2007. Her poetic influences include Alice Walker, June Jordon, and Maya Angelou. -- 5) Meek aka Andrew Weatherall is an electronic artist from the UK who released one vinyl single Glowing Trees in 1994 under this name. -- 6) Meek from Compton, California is a Christian rapper who released one single Battlefield (Rough Draft) in 2011 yet.

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