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Mikas biography

Young Michael Anguelov’s interest in music began at age 12. He played the clarinet, drums, and guitar. He pictured himself a rock superstar, banging his guitar into tiny pieces after stringing a screaming rip. But his rock star dreams were overshadowed the day he fell upon the hypnotic draw of dance music. Already an accomplished musician, the move to mixing was a smooth transition. At the fresh age of 20, he invested in turntables and a mixer, and a few years later found a venue to display his talents, managing a club in Quebec City. But events took a turn for the worse, and the club was forced to shut down. Dissuaded but not disheartened, Michael looked to his next chapter. Music production was a natural step. He picked up his DJ gear and headed for Canada’s dance music capital, Montreal, with a new plan and a new name: Mikas. He quickly discovered that his passion lay in creating progressive dance music, which he describes as a fusion of acid house, disco and Pink Floyd. In 2005, Mikas created Progressive Grooves Records. He built his label on the premise of being different. His idea was to release music that would be great to listen to both on and off the dance floor. This is what he achieved, so successfully in fact, that the label music has gained notoriety in Europe and worldwide, having been played on stage by some of the biggest names in the business. Last year, his remix of the single “Breathing You In” shot to the top of the trance charts in one Europe’s biggest dance music website, Juno.co.uk. Mikas is now working on his second artist album named “Illusions,” due out this spring.

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