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There are currently three artists using this name. 1) Karri Pekka Matias Miettinen (born April 21, 1978), better known by his stage name Paleface, is a Finnish hip-hop musician. Based in Helsinki, he is a platinum-selling Nordic Music Prize nominee (with his album ‘Helsinki - Shangri-La’). His sixth studio album is the recently released ‘Food For The Gods’, on which he collaborates with Los Angeles rapper MC Matre. He is also a part of GG Caravan, finnish super band with Redrama, Tommy Lindgren and other top rappers of Finland. 2) American singer, songwriter, musician, and artist: PALEFACE was schooled personally by Daniel Johnston, and discovered in NYC, 1990 by Danny Fields (The Stooges, The Ramones, MC5). He soon became the first Antifolk/Neo-folk artist signed to major labels (Sire Records and Polydor Records), followed by college radio hits and national tours with the likes of Billy Bragg, and The Breeders....Paleface has released over a dozen records including two major label releases in the US (Sire Records, Polidor Records), as well as two releases on Americana label Ramseur Records and Geman Indie label Wanker Records among other self releases. While hanging around the city's Lower East Side in the early 90's with Beck, Paleface became a major influence on Beck's early work: "We used to go to all the open mikes together. He taught me Daniel Johnston songs on the sidewalk and let me sleep on his couch. He was a great songwriter, a generous friend, and a big influence on my early stuff'". Beck on Paleface (American Music, Annie Leibovitz). After touring with The Breeders, PF collapsed and nearly died from alcohol. Following long recovery & cleansing PF returned to NYC's Antifolk scene in the early 2000's and befriended a new breed of artists (The Moldy Peaches/Kimya Dawson & Adam Green, Regina Spektor, and Langhorne Slim, among others). Paleface became a major source of influence and inspiration to many of them. After finishing a record Just About To Burn, which featured darling drummer Monica "Mo" Samalot, PF met The Avett Brothers...who fell in love with it "My favorite all-time record by a friend" (Seth Avett, June 07). They developed a strong bond based on respect and admiration for each others work. Paleface often shares the stage with The Avetts, and his vocals, instrumentation, and songwriting have been featured on three of their records. The Avett Brothers returned the favor and guest-performed on Paleface's full length releases A Different Story (Self-Released, 2008) and The Show Is On The Road (Ramseur Records, 2009) PALEFACE and Monica "Mo" Samalot recently relocated to Concord, North Carolina and they have been touring from coast to coast, charming audiences of all ages with their high-energy performances, honest and refreshing lyrics and their raw yet full sound. The duo has also been performing at festivals such as Floyd Fest (VA), Shakori Hills (NC), Pickathon (OR) and Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion (TN-VA), Riverbend Festival (TN), and South By Southwest 2010. "PALEFACE, top 10 performance at SXSW" The Denver Post 3) Paleface isalso the name of a South-East London UK Garage/House producer and DJ who is a member of the group "Crazy Couzins"

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