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There are four bands named Pandora's Box: 1) a Hungarian hard rock band formed in 1980 2) a Jim Steinman studio group, formed in 1989 3) a Philippine nu metal heavy metal band featured in the MusikMAX BICOL compilation CD. 4) a Psytrance duo from Argentina producing darkish sounds. 1)In 1979 Gyula Vikidál left the legendary band P.Mobil and entered Dinamit. A year after Sándor Bencsik "Samu" (lead guitars) and István Cserháty "Pityi" (Hammond organ) left P.Mobil as well and formed a new band named Pandora's Box after the title of a Procol Harum. The other members were singer Varga Miklós, drummer István Szabó and bassist József Sáfár "Öcsi" who used to play in the band V'73. Their first single was released in 1981 entitled Halálkatlan/A bolond. In 1982 they released their first album under the title P.Box with the tracks: Másnak szól, Egérszerenád, Éjféli szekér, Dödöle, Hölgyválasz, Szupergép, A levél, Nekem ne mondd, A bolond. That year they gave a big concert at Budapest Sport Arena together with the famous bands Edda and Karthago. In 1983 Miklós Varga left the band to be the singer of a Swedish-Hungarian band called Safari. Meanwhile the band Dinamit broke up, so it was obvious to choose Vikidál Gyula as the new singer. They soon released their second single which contains one of their biggest hit A zöld, a bíbor és a fekete written in honour of the great guitarist Radics Béla who tragically died in 1982. In the August of 1983 the greatest Hungarian rock opera István A Király written by Szörényi Levente and Bródy János in which the two singers played the two main caracters, and gained great success with it. Their next album entitled Kő kövön contains the following songs: Soha nem elég, Ingajárat, Maradj a vonalban, Fantomlány, Valami Rock and Roll, A zöld, a bíbor és a fekete, Engedj, Az ideges, Vágtass velem (Kő kövön), and the next year the band was invited to play together with the bands Iron Maiden and Motörhead in Budapest. They released their third album Ómen in 1985, but with two new members, Zselencz "Zsöci" László on bass from Edda and Pálmai Zoltán who also played in the bands P.Mobil and Hobo Blues Band. Ómen contains the following songs: Ómen, Bukott angyal, Éjszakai Vágta, Szűz a máglyán, Árulók kapuja, Átok és ígéret, Pandora tánca, Névtelen hős. Vikidál Gyula left the band to be an actor and play in musicals, and in 1987 Bencsik Sándor "Samu" died suddenly, the circumstances to his death are still misty. After 13 years Cserháty István recalled the band in 2001 with new members singer Koroknai Árpád, guitarist Sándor József "Günter", bass player Ferenczy Tibor and drummer Bodó Tamás. The new album was released in 2002 entitled Reményre Ítélve wich contains the following tracks: Múlt és jelen, A szerelem ára, Fantomlány (az eredeti dal újrafeldolgozása), Nekem az éj, Legyek az első, Semmi nem lesz jobb, Álmodj!, Hódítás, Milyen legyen?, Óriás és törpék, Van -e még?, Várj még!, Az én filmem, Árnyék. They were invited to play together with Deep Purple and Europe in Hungary. They also released a DVD filmed in 2001's Sziget Festival in Budapest, which contains 4 songs in English as bonus tracks. On the 4th of August 2005 they released their last album Pangea, with the songs Veled múljon el, Csak az ég, Pangea, Ezer év, Láss az én szememmel, R'n'r az égig, Szél, Másik srác, Dőljön le a fal, Jégkorszak and Még egy perc. Sadly soon after the release of their last album Cserháty István "Pityi" died on the 21st of August 2005. He had been suffering from cancer since the beginning of the year, he spent a long time in hospital and left it for some days only to record the Hammond parts on the new album. After his death the band gave some concerts with Krisztián Szabó on keyboards, but could not cope with the lack of "Pityi" who used to be not only the keyborad player but the manager and boss of the band as well. They gave their last concert on the 11th of November 2006 in Budapest then closed Pandora's Box forever. Information translated from the Official Site Thank you for reading. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) In 1989, Jim Steinman gathered a group of female singers and formed the one-album band Pandora's Box. Band members were Ellen Foley (who had already played Wendy in 1977's Neverland workshop production and sung with Meat Loaf in Bat Out of Hell), Holly Sherwood (former Fire Inc.), Elaine Caswell, Gina Taylor and Jim Steinman himself. The album was released along with a video, directed by Ken Russell, for "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" (later covered as a hit by Céline Dion), but a planned tour was scrapped. The album was not released to the United States originally. Sales for the album were modest, though Steinman continues to be very proud of it. Many fans and critics consider it one of his best works. The track "Original Sin" was recycled and featured prominently in the musical show Tanz der Vampire. The album's final track "The Future Ain't What It Used to Be" was re-recorded for the MTV movie of Wuthering Heights starring Erika Christensen. In 1994, singer Taylor Dayne covered a slightly reworked version of "Original Sin" on the soundtrack of the movie version of The Shadow. Meat Loaf also covered "Original Sin" on his 1996 album Welcome to the Neighborhood. 3) PANDORA's BOX is a heavy metal (nu metal) band based in Naga City, Camarines Sur in the Philippines. PANDORA’S BOX is composed of: * Arnel Astrera, Cedric Boňaga and Jerwin Malapitan on vocals * Derek Buquid on bass * Bon Quinto on drums * Michael Canonizado on guitar * Raymond Azul on guitar * John Paul Mayores on keyboards Songs included in MusikMAX BICOL compilation CD: - In Sepia - The Tryst... In the Seduction of (n)

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