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There are at least four artists named Panopticon: 1) Panopticon is an atmospheric metal band that blends elements of black metal, dark metal and melodic death metal with American folk music, post rock and progressive rock elements. Panopticon's subject matter varies, including political issues, history, pagan spirituality, environmental issues and personal struggles. Typically the albums are conceptual (excluding the first record) and carry a theme throughout the entire record. Influences range from 90's black metal bands and melodic death metal, to post rock and indie rock, to early folk, bluegrass and country music. (From the artist's official Facebook page) Discography: 2008 - Panopticon 2009 - Panopticon/Wheels Within Wheels (split with Wheels Within Wheels) 2009 - Collapse 2009 - Panopticon/Lake of Blood (split with Lake of Blood) 2010 - Panopticon/When Bitter Spring Sleeps (split with When Bitter Spring Sleeps) 2010 - Skagos/Panopticon (split with Skagos) 2011 - ...On the Subject of Mortality 2011 - Wheels Within Wheels/Panopticon II (split with Wheels Within Wheels) 2011 - Social Disservices 2012 - Kentucky 2013 - Vestiges/Panopticon (split with Vestiges) 2014 - Falls of Rauros/Panopticon (split with Falls of Rauros; also labelled "Brotherhood" on album spine) 2014 - Roads to the North 2015 - Autumn Eternal 2) Panopticon is also a Jazz band. "To Be In Music" is PaNoPTiCoN's only goal. This project idea emerged while Domenico Solazzo was recording his latest album, "Multiply", in which he invited several other musicians to a creative partnership. Some collaborations sounded better than expected hence their will to make it big and live! Inspired by the great mastery of 70's electric jazz improvisers and pioneers, PaNoPTiCoN is a sonic laboratory that takes life on stage only, where no one knows what to expect, including the musicians themselves ! Improvisation at its extreme best articulated around three axis: mood, groove and melody. At this moment, there are no core members. The PaNoPTiCoN's formula is an open invitation to anyone willing to dive into the most beautiful mystical forms of music.One show after another, the music played by the band should and will be different as the band itself! 3) Panopticon is a Progressive Metal band formed in Brighton, UK, with influences stretching as far as Rush, Children of Bodom, Tool and Racer X. 4) Progressive Trance group consisting of Ben McPherson, Damon Fonooni and Darius Kohanim.

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