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Pantelis Thalassinos (Παντελής Θαλασσινός) is a greek singer and songwriter. Born in Piraeus in June 11th 1958, Pandelis Thalassinos is a genuine islander. His father, Michalis, was born in the island of Chios and his mother, Euaggelia, was descended from Serifos. At the age of 2, Pantelis moved with his family to Chios, where he attended to school. It was there that, for the first time at the age of 7, he started playing guitar. In 1967 Pantelis was back to Piraeus, where he participateed in many small bands, playing mainly rock music. In 1976, he embarked for on the ship “Kapetan Stamatis” for a year. Upon his return, he started performing semi-professionally in small venues around Athens. At the same time he worked for a shipping agency, where he remained for 12 years. In February 1980, Pantelis was called to serve his military duties in Ryzia, Evros, and Kastanies, where he remained for 22 months, With his military service over, Pantelis returned to Piraeus. He continued to perform live--the most important event being "Petra kai Fos-Stone and Light’. In 1996, together with Yiannis Nikolaou, he formed the group Lathrepivates (Λαθρεπιβάτες--"The Stowaways"). They released their first album, "Apopse Leo Na Min Koimithoume", under then Minos label. At the same time, they made their first live performance in ZYGOS, Plaka, performing beside of Haris Alexiou and Harry Klynn. Five years and three albums later, Lathrepivates disbanded. Pandelis returned to Chios, where he createed the live stage “Myrovolos”. It is there that his first personal album "Nyhtas Kimata ~ Night Waves" is recorded. In January 1994, he once more departed from Chios for Athens where he performs live. His new albums are Kalandari, (Calendar), and Apo alla perivolia (From other gardens). Pantelis Thalassinos has now released 10 albums and has participated in more than 100 as a composer or guest singer. The covers of his albums are engravings of the great Nikos Gialouris from Chios, who unfortunately is no longer with us. During his career, Pandelis Thalassinos has co-operated with all the famous people of music in Greece. He has also performed at Herodium theatre, at the ancient theatre Fillipon, together with Haris Alexiou and Dimitra Galani, at Dion, at Lycabettus theatre, at Petras theatre, at Vrahon theatre, at the SEF and many more stages and stadiums. Outside Greece he has performed in Cyprus, Genoa, Zurich Roma, Turkey, Oukrain and London.

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