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There are, at least, seven artists known as Shannon: 1) A pseudonym of disco artist Brenda Shannon Greene. 2) A French melodic hard rock. 3) A Polish Irish folk band. 4) A Finnish melodic metal band. 5) A Czech Republic Irish folk band. 6) A 60s UK band, best known for Abergavenny. 7) Shannon Williams, a 2010s K-pop singer. - 1) A pseudonym of Brenda Shannon Greene (b. 1958 in Washington, DC, USA), the disco artist who released Let the Music Play (Jul 1983), hitting gold with this trend-setting, pulsating dance classic & others similar. She grew up in Brooklyn & whilst at college, joined the New York Jazz Ensemble as a singer, subsequently meeting drummer Lenny White & sang with Brownstone (a group she started with Russell Taylor), leading to some recording. Her first single, "Let the Music Play" (issued as a 12" on Emergency, New York). Produced by Mark Liggett & Chris Barbosa - the track's upfront heavy, staccato beats & synth bass, marked it as an electro single, The record became a monster club, pop & world hit, pumping its way to #8 pop, on the Billboard chart, selling sold eight million copies. Her début album, Let the Music Play (Feb 1984), went gold, peaking at 32 pop (Mar 1984). She followed that with the Top Ten rnb hit Give Me Tonight & My Heart's Divided. Do You Wanna Get Away (May 1985), was Shannon's second Mirage album - The title track single hit number 13 R&B in spring 1985. Her third album Love Goes All the Way was released on Atlantic in 1986, with the singles "Dancin'" "Criminal" and "Prove Me Right" Shannon's dominated the dance floor for a decade. Known as the international Dance Queen of the World. A decline in her career because some litigation surrounding "Let the Music Play", the decline of dance-oriented radio stations, the loss of club airtime on mainstream radio stations, and the inevitable "Let the Music Play" sound-alike clones that surfaced. Nevertheless, Shannon appeared on a 1999 segment of VH1's Where Are They Now, vowing to return to the top of the charts; the following spring she released the album The Best Is Yet to Come." (Taken from the biography by Ed Hogan.) 2) ShannoN - Hard Rock band from France Olivier Del Valle - vocals Patrice Louis - guitars Nicolas Fixy - bass Benjamin Bergerolle - drums Thierry Dagnicourt - keyboards Formed in the beginning of 1998 by Patrice LOUIS (Guitar) and Thierry DAGNICOURT (Keyboards), SHANNON plays a melodic hard rock that sticks to the skin. During the spring of 1998, the band enroles ex-JANNYLEE's singer Olivier DEL VALLE behind the mike, then Claude THILL (ex-DER KAISER) playing bass and Maxence PILO (ex-HEAVENLY) at the drum kit join the band to finally complete the line-up. Their debut and eponymous album released in November 2003 on the Anvilcorp. label and distributed by Wagram has been unanimously praised and regarded by the international press as one of the most impressive and brilliant record of the year in the Classic 80's US melodic rock style. With catchy hooklines, infectious choruses and a groovy and powerful rhythm section, SHANNON is the perfect alchimy between classic US melodic hard rock and typical european influenced NWOBHM sound, delivering a music as powerful as melodic. After the release of the album, the band takes the road and shares the stage with re-knowned artists such as AXXIS, PINK CREAM 69 and Jeff Scott SOTO in Paris. In the middle of 2005, SHANNON sees its first line-up changes with the departure of Claude and Maxence, immediately replaced by, respectively, Nicolas FIXY (Bass) and Benjamin BERGEROLLE (Drums), both formerly in French epic-progressive TAÏ PHONG. Strongly encouraged with the success of their self-titled album, not only in France, but widely abroad, the band has taken the way to the studio to record, more motivated than ever. WORLD OF DESIRE, a 5-track demo EP, was released in 2007. SHANNON played several shows to present the new songs and was selected to play before GOTTHARD at the RAISMES FESTIVAL. Some special guests are invited and did some backing vocals (Gianni PONTILLO, Ben SOTTO, Ben VENET, Bruno LEVESQUE, Jens WALKENHORST) and a duet with Renaud HANTSON was recorded. The band signed with ArtistService at the end of 2007 and ANGEL IN DISGUISE, the brand new album, even more powerful than their debut, is world wide distributed by MusicBuyMail. Never missing an opportunity to play live, the band played eventually at the PARIS METAL FRANCE FESTIVAL. After been part of the september nights open air festival with Axxis and Krokus, the band shall soon be back to the studios to record their 3rd album. 3) A Polish Irish folk band, founded in 1994. They have so far recorded five albums, one soundtrack, and also composed some music for an Irish dance show. Shannon perform in about a hundred concerts every year mainly in Europe. Over the years they have played in many festivals, including Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia, 2005); Celtica 2005 (Italy); Folk Fiesta (Poland). Shannon have also taken part in celebrations of the Interceltique Festival du Lorient in Britany (France) as well as often performing in Denmark and Germany. Shanon on occasion have also played with other well-known musicians, including Polish jazz violinist Michal Urbaniak.

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