T-42 top 20 songs


T-42 biography

1- Jay Gillian and Jimron Goff are T42. Vocalist Will Loconto replaced Goff in 1989. After releasing "Hot On Top", Oak Lawn Records picked up the band for a 12" single edition of "Don't Let My Love (Push You Away)", which did well enough to attract the attention of Columbia Records, who signed the group. Other works were "Desire" and "Let Me Go" and the album "Intruder". 2- T42 is a pop-dance project conceived by Graziano Pegoraro, and Mario Fargetta, from Tamperer. The featured vocalist on the T42 project is Luana Pasi A.K.A Sharp. 3- T42 is a German eurodance act produced by Steve McVine. Single: "Free Your Mind"

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