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T-bone biography

There are several artists using this name: 1) T-Bone is a Christian rapper. In 2002, he became an ordained minister. T-Bone is of hispanic, black and white descent (reportedly, he's part Nicaraguan and part El Salvadoran). In 1991, he released his first album, Redeemed Hoodlum. In 1993, he released The Life of A Hoodlum. In 1995, he released The Hoodlum's Testimony. In 1997, he released History of A Hoodlum-Compilation. In 2000, he released: The Last Street Preacha, which was nominated for a Grammy Award.[1] In 2003, he released Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic. The same year, he played the role of a rapping prisoner in The Fighting Temptations, which starred Beyoncé Knowles and Cuba Gooding Jr. In 2005 he released an album called Bone-A-Fide. He was featured as Jairus in the rock opera !Hero, along with Michael Tait of Tait and dc Talk, Rebecca St. James, and Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline. In 2007, he released a new Greatest Hits album called Bone-Appetit on September 25th 2007. 2) T-Bone is the name of a thai ska/reggae band 3) T-Bone is an alternative band from Germany 4) T-Bone, tje alias of Japanese producer Tatsuya Furukawa, used only for the song WHITE BIRDS (Mirage Mix) Much love to all the T-Bones and fans.

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