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T-polar biography

T-POLAR (Belfast/Northern Ireland) Gary Spence started producing in 1997 inspired by patchwork melodies of The Orb, the funky future soul of Moodyman and Theo Parrish and the solitary oddness of Two Lone Swordsmen not to mention a lot lot more. Always relying on the instinct of making things sound original and as personal as possible with a disregard for current trends and fashions in electronica is the main inspiration these days and payback finally came from the debut EP on Longhaul which received great feedback from a series of Top DJs. the EP never got past promo release though as the label folded shortly before release. Next up was the escort girls ep on modernism which combined soulful grooves with future funk all tied up with a minimal vibe, this too received great feedback and chartage from a number of djs over the globe. The recent debut album "Department of Stealth" on Morris Audio Citysport has seen another up-change in gear has already been described as "Somehow managing to straddle the multiple divides between abstract soundscapes, druggy downtempo musings, bass-heavy club tech and glitch-ridden grooves, there's bags of spontaneity and invention on display here

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