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Tski Valley - Rapper / Vocalist / Writer / Keyboardist. Born March 9th, Boogie Down Bronx New, York (pisces) Tski began his musical career at the age of fourteen. It spans from rap, reggae, gospel, to urban jazz. Tski was born in the northeast Bronx, in an area called the Valley. He attended Micheal Angelo J.H.S., I.S.144 in the Bronx, where he played guitar. He graduated and went on to Evander Childs H.S. in the Bronx, Where he and a buddy (Disco Prince )formed a group called the Erotic Disco Brothers. In 1978 Tski had joined Kool Herc as an M.C.( Fly Force). Later that year Tski had joined up with A.J & Busy Bee as a D.J. Upon the completion of high school, he went to work with reggae produces Brad Osborne (Clocktower Records) and the Bery Gordy of reggae Coxson Sir Dodd. (Studio One Records), In putting together Grand Groove Records. His first record recorded was, “ Catch The Beat” Tski went on to produce groups such The Just 4 ”girls Of the World”, Chapter Three M.C.s The. “Real Rockin Groove“. Tski has worked with Noreen Clayton from the off broadway play, “Mama I Want To Sing”, and is presently working with Paris Ford , Capital records recording artist, B.B.Q. Band (On The Beat). Tski preformed with such artist as Imagination, Kool Moe Dee, Run Dmc, Phil Fearon, Kurtis Blow, Spoonie Gee, Gregory Hunt, Kool Kyle, Cold crush Bros, Grandwizard Theodore, and The Fantastic Five, Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five, and a host of others. “Catch The Beat” was released in the fall of 1981, and as of this day, many artists are still sampling his innovative, unique rap sound. Such as Da La Soul, Kwane, Will I Am from the Black Eye Peas "Over" Jennifer Lopez "You Belong To Me", Prince Markie Dee "Swing My Way", “Lyrics To The Rhythm” from the movie,” New Jack City”, perform by Grandmaster Flash, “You Called And Told Me”, from the movie, Strictly Business , preformed by Jeff Redd. Tski also arranged and composed the sound track for, ‘’A Subject Of color, for P.B.S,Catch the beat was also used on the sound track “Fresh” staring, Samuel L. Jackson,The Martin Lawrence Show, All My Children. And a host of others. Just to name a few. Other site www.myspace.com/tskivalley

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