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Tabu biography

There are several bands called Tabu. 1) Tabu is a Polish reggae band ( they're started in 2003 in small village now they are popular They take part in festivals, concerts and they won many prizes try their music :) 2) Tabu is a Lithuanian pop band formed by Dainius, Darius, Matas, Vidas and Rimas. 3) Tabu is a Korean rock bank (타부), most well-known for their song "Wolsik", which was used in the fourth episode of the popular animated Korean series "There She Is!!". Please correct your artist tags to 타부. (4) Tabu is a slovenian rock band ( They started in year 1998. Tabu = Maco (guitar), Tina (vocals), Izi (bass guitar), Ali (keyboards) and Primož (drums). Their superhits are Dobra vila, Lahko sem srce, Divje, Angel, ... (5) Tabu is an American Rap/Rock band from Baton Rouge, La. Circa 1995-ish - Present

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