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There are several bands named 'Tabula Rasa': a Finnish progressive rock group, a math rock band, a medieval band, a Greek punk band which was active in the 90's, a reggae band from Poland, an acoustic/folk band from Birmingham, UK, a funk-rock band from Solothurn, Switzerland, alt. rock/modern rock band from Adelaide, Australia and czech punk band with political lyrics. The following text deals with the progressive rock group: Tabula Rasa was one of the most influencial progressive rock groups of the 1970's in Finland. Tabula Rasa was formed in Kangasala, Finland, in 1972. The forming members of the group were Heikki Silvennoinen (guitar), Tapio Suominen (bass) and Asko Pakkanen (drums). Later members also included Jarmo Sormunen (flute), Jukka Leppilampi (vocals), Jarno Sinisalo (piano) and Jukka Aronen (drums). Most of the songs were mainly composed by Silvennoinen and lyrics were written by a non-member Mikko Alatalo. Tabula Rasa disbanded in 1977, when Aronen and Silvennoinen joined Alatalon Coitus Inc. -band. The band disbanded because progressive rock started to fall out of fashion in the mid-1970's. The band has made 2 albums: Tabula Rasa (Love Records LRLP 135) 1975 and Ekkedien Tanssi (LRLP 170) 1976. The following text deals with the math rock band: Pittsburgh's Tabula Rasa rip away the commercial gloss of late 90's punk, bringing it back to its independent roots with unrestrained youthful enthusiasm. The band was formed in 2000 by grade-school pals Rob Spagiare (vocals, guitar) and Andrew Grossman (guitar). Spagiare was originally the bassist for Ear to Ear; after that group split up, Spagiare and Grossman started Tabula Rasa and added bassist Justin Campbell and drummer Jeff Kopanic. Merely a week old, the band had their first gig opening for a wrestling match. In 2001, they recorded a self-titled EP by One Day Savior Records. The group was eventually signed to A-F Records and released their debut album The Role of Smith, produced by J. Robbins of Jawbox fame, in 2003. Tabula Rasa's frenetic, uncompromising hard rock is often compared to Fugazi. They have also a comic book and 7" put out by Killing Cupid, plus several compilation tracks as well like Emo Diares on Deep Elm and many others. On october 13 2007, the band did a reunion show. The following text deals with the medieval band: Tabula Rasa is a medieval band from Berlin. They have 2 albums: One with traditional songs from earlier centuries and one with christmas songs. Tabula Rasa - Polish reggae band rised in 2003 in Warsaw, Poland. The following text deals with the acoustic/folk band: Tabula Rasa are a young quintet from Birmingham, UK. They have an alternative artist page under the name 'Tabula Rasa [UK]'. Tabula Rasa Ukrainian pop/rock group. Album Tsvetochnie Kalendari (Flower Calendars) see for details The following text deals with the alt. rock/modern rock: Band Members: Graeme Richards - Guitar/Vocals Dave Curnow - Guitar/Vocals Kameron Trinder - Drums Alex Ingman - Bass Tabula Rasa is built on a rock solid foundation of experienced musicians, armed to the teeth with tirelessly creative song writing, psychopathic live performances and elegant musicianship. The band possesses a fresh interpretation of the modern rock sound, and are influenced by well known acts such as The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.

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