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Tacere is a diverse melodic metal band hailing from the capital area of Finland. Tacere is Latin for "being silent" and Romanian for "silence" .The band was called 'Tacet Lacrimae' in the beginning, as a solo project by Karri Knuutila. He was joined by drummer Jarno Vahanen. Later, the project was expanded to a full-scale band. The band combines elements from different metal subgenres and has both male and female vocals - both clean and raspy (and growls). Tacere signed a recording contract with Suomen metalli musiikki (a sublabel of KHY Suomen musiikki Oy) at the very end of 2005. In June 2006 they released first single "I Devour", which was followed with EP "A Voice in the dark". This EP was postponed and released with same name as minialbum (release date: 1. November 2006). And finally in February 2007 was released their first and debut album "Beautiful Darkness". *Karri Knuutila (aka Karri de Monét) - Vocals, Guitars, Programming *Helena Haaparanta - Female Vocals *Jarno "Jake" Vanhanen - Drums *Janne Salminen - Synth *Pekka Pyrhönen - Live bass The new female singer of Tacere is "Taiya R." from the city of Tampere, Finland. She was selected after a long application process lasting for over 6 months. Tacere also hired a new keyboard player, "Veli-Matti Kananen", who is best known for playing with bands such as Poisonblack and Eternal Tears of Sorrow

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