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TACTILE GEMMA was born as a project in 1997, consisting of Rune Sørgård, Ann-Mari Edvardsen and Monika Edvardsen . Rune attended at that time a course in sound engineering, and his growing interest for sonically more challenging music found its way naturally to the harddisk. That was the start of the cooperation between him and the two sisters that led to one demo. After the demo was sendt around to various record companies, Season of Mist signed Tactile Gemma. Rune rebuildt his apartment, and recorded the self entitled full length debut album there. Monika's words about Tactile Gemma : "The music is mainly based on programming/synths/samples and two singers with similar voices but with different style of singing." Tactile Gemma is very difficult to classify , Season of Mist ( the record label ) said : "Concerned about being categorized as a Black/Death Metal label, and seeing Season of Mist more as an eclectic label, we took the risk of signing TACTILE GEMMA having listened to two songs only: "Come Eclipse" and "Blackberry Jam". Between these two radically different songs, the "poppy" "Blackberry Jam" and the "très Avant Garde" "Come Eclipse", nobody knew what to expect... but what a glorious and unique result! Indeed, TACTILE GEMMA's music is impossible to classify & even harder to describe: Bjork meets THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL? A Metal PORTISHEAD?" www.myspace.com/tactilegemma

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