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Massimo Lavagnini aka Deeper Creeper aka Tafubar, comes from the background of classic dance music of the 80s. Starting, in those glorious days, as club singer and supporting deejay, in 1991 together with Paolo Lombardi Massimo estabilished the group “No Mistake”, a short experience which led to a 12”, “Kinky Sex” (ACV Records). In times of transformations and radical changes in house music, Massimo put himself in stand by, a “creative sleep” waiting for new inputs and motivating forces. The technological development of home recording, the refurbishment of electronics and sampled music (the amazing “Music 2000” program for PlayStation 1) gave Massimo the right inspiration, 15 years after his first song, to write a new single under the art name of Deeper Creeper, “(I read your) Frequency”, remixed by The Rurals, which has been distributed by Deft Recordings UK (2006), followed by another song mixed by Rurals pupil, Enzo Cicala, “Open up to the sound of music” (Integrity Records Australia, 2008). With DC taking care of deep house, Massimo – using his knowledge of horror and fantasy cinema - decided to double his artistic personality and to become Tafubar, melting his acid jazz-lounge-downtempo mood with chillhouse and “different” horror/ambient themes, in order to give to his music a very personal touch. The result is “The Wicked Thoughts of You”, on Lemongrassmusic label (Germany) in two versions (2007/2008), and also “Strange Appetites of the Sultan” (2007), again on LGM, remixed this time by acid jazz gurus Adani & Wolf (Holland). In recent times, end of 2008, Lemongrassmusic released on their label the debut album of Tafubar – “Changeability”, formerly known as “A final example of technological change”. Guests of honor, Crazy P, Sonic Adventure Project and Prefex (solo project of ex-Gamat 3000 Daniel Scholz) plus some remixes of LG. http://www.myspace.com/tafubarproductions

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