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**as of 10/2010, Apparently a someone from Russia jacked Tahir (Tallahassee, FL, USA) for their own. Whether it was intentional is unknown. The Emcee has an album Called "Ghettonik", released in 2008. _________________________________________________________________________________ Tahir, head of Hedrush, LLC recordings (defunct) is a Producer from Tallahassee, FL. A original part of Dead Prez, he and Bang Double from Raleigh, NC rapped on a few tracks with DP, and he produced alongside Abu the legendary album "Lets get Free". He has three (official) solo Albums: Homecoming (2000), Recoil (2002), and Hood Economics (2005). He is currently working on many projects, within music and outside. He is a parent, actor, producer, and emcee. As of mid 2009, he has been working on 4-5 new mixtape-style albums, focusing on existential subject matter and afro-centric views. His newest moniker is "The Pyramid Kid". These series of albums are provided for free (for promotional use) on his site. They are dubbed: "The Blackkberry Files: Vol (1,2,3,4,5,6)" There is more in production as we speak. Another project of Tahir's (its unknown if he is on production or rhyming, or both) is titled "FTP" and they are tied closely to the RBG Movement. Van Tec 1 (1-877-van-tec-1) as a distribution company gets numerous name drops, as well as LOVE KLUB (new project with Tahir, Nuk Grissle, illi.A.D.) Quotes: "Some one once told me that you make time for what you really want to do regardless of any circumstances. So what is it that I really want to do? Who am I? I AM GOD, GOD IS TRUTH, AND TRUTH IS LOVE. wow. So what is it that I really want to do? You tell me!" WEB: http://tahirrbg.ning.com/

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