Tahiti top 20 songs


Tahiti biography

There are three artists / groups with the name Tahiti: 1) A Korean K-Pop group launched in 2012. They have six female members and are led by Jung Bin. 2) A rapper from Texas, formerly of the rap group PPT (Pikahsso, Picnic, Tahiti). As a solo artist he has released one EP, 'The Birth of Whack' in 2005. He describes his music as "Old School meets New School with a comic twist." 3) A female vocal duo who provided songs to the soundtrack of 'The Real Ghostbusters' cartoon in the 1980's. They released 'The Real Ghostbusters' soundtrack album in 1986 on Polydor records. The two singers were Tonya Townsend and Tyren Perry, the latter of which went on to have a solo career.

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