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There are two artists tagged under Taichi 1. Taichi is a relatively new german Rapper, his first Album was 2003 "Schwerer Shit" with his friend Mic , they have had an own Label. Later taichi joined "Krasscore Records". There he released 2004 "Legende von Morgen" , 2005 "Schnell Imbiz" and 2006 "Top Story". He grew up in berlin in a borough where the kids from american soldiers live, so he had early contact with rap-music. He early started to write texts , make beats and rap. His rap music is no gangster-rap. www.tightchi.com <- his Artistpage 2. A band that makes Experimental Psychedelic Anti-Vietnam/War Music. Here is one song on Youtube you can listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV0Tpm2pBlg There are many more

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