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Taiga biography

There are multiple artists named Taiga: 0) Taiga is a depressive suicidal black metal band from Siberia, Tomsk. 1) Taiga is an electronic project from Saint Petersburg, Russia. 2) Taiga, also known as Taiga (Iberia), is a drone ambient / drone doom project from Sapin. His music is based on manipulated guitars and synths. Bandcamp: http://taigaiberia.bandcamp.com 3) Taiga is a solo ambient project from Los Angeles, California United States, formed by Bryant Clifford Meyer (also member of The Gersch, Isis, Red Sparowes, Windmills by the Ocean). 4) Taiga is a metal band from Sweden. Released the albums "Storkovan", "Vogel Compiled" and "Sibirien". See also Taiga (swe). Official site: http://www.taigaofficial.com 5) Taiga is a hip hop artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

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