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Wires On Fire, a collective of four young men from Los Angeles, have created a name for themselves with their balls-out live set, full of blood, sweat, and saliva. While the chaotic punk rock passion and energy from their acclaimed Homewrecker EP remains, the band has taken steps in a different direction on their new Self-Titled full-length debut. Wires On Fire have created an innovative style with hopes to inspire a new breed of rock and roll for this generation of colorless music. Each track on the 12-song monster reveals a different side of Wires On Fire, with influences from The Birthday Party, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, The Damned and the The Beach Boys peeking through. The addition of singer/guitarist Evan Weiss younger (as in fresh-out-of-high-school) brother, Darren, on drums has given the band an even more explosive and dynamic edge. This observation is not only apparent during their live shows, but became evident while recording this Self-Titled debut with Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider (Queens of The Stone Age, Mark Lanegan Band, Eleven). After booking several national and west coast tours on their own (sharing the stage with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Fall, Death From Above 1979, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mclusky, Hella, Two Gallants, etc.) Wires On Fire stand out from the rock band masses as a unique -- perhaps unclassifiable -- group. No genre aptly captures their sound, nor do they fit within a particular fan base. Still, these off-the-wall individuals are just as motivated to play for their merch guy as opening for any one of their influences (who are so diverse any laymen would asphyxiate trying to figure out where the unique strands in their layered passion came from). And if you can figure out where these cowboys came from, you will still asphyxiate. Assaultive, yet loving, these young hearts are free.

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