Wiseguy top 20 songs


Wiseguy biography

Hailing from the same area as labelmates the Apers, Wiseguy started in 1996 as a punk rock outfit. Shaping into a hard rocking combo by the turn of the century, their Hellacopters-esque debut single was released by Stardumb Records in 2001. That single was followed by their only full length album 'Burning The Tracks' in 2003 and 3 songs on the Rock N Rolla Outta Controlla compilation (which was accompanying the Rock N Rolla tour with The Stilettos, 69 Charger, Black Rodeo and The Lulabelles) in 2004. By that time singer/guitarist David Pino's alt.country band El Pino And The Volunteers started to do better and better, which eventually resulted into the split of Wiseguy. Bassist Joe Caine then joined garage punk band The Quotes and drummer Road End joined the hard rock combo Black Cloud Halo.

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