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Wisemen biography

Wisemen are a Wu-Tang Clan affiliated hip-hop group started, and led, by Bronze Nazareth. The group are heavily affiliated with the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, who also produces for the group. The group released their debut studio album in 2007 entitled Wisemen Approaching which features guest appearances from GZA/Genius, Killah Priest, Vast Aire and Planet Asia. In 2010 they released their eagerly anticipated second album "Children of a Lesser God" - production is handled by Bronze Nazareth and Kevlaar 7 and guests include Raekwon, Planet Asia, Big Rube and Victorious. Members, since the group's beginning they have gained various members, the core members are the first three listed below: Bronze Nazareth Kevlaar 7 Phillie Salute June Megalodon Break Bread Illa Dayz Beace

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