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With Faith or Flames isn't what you'd expect of a metal band hailing from Chattanooga, TN. Their sound can only be described as 'Metal'; From their soaring guitar solos and dual harmonies to the thundering double bass and blastbeats, they encapsulate every aspet of the genre. With Faith Or Flames formed in December 2004, released their debut full-length (engineered by Jamie King: BTBAM, Glass Casket, TTIOTD) in December 2005 and began touring nationally in January 2006. Mike Milliken (guitar) was added to the equation in August of 2006 after the departure of Dustin Lane. Mike quit in April 2007 and Trevor DeGaine joined shortly thereafter. With Faith Or Flames released another full length, A Conquest Triumphant, on Stand and Deliver Records in early 2008. After touring the summer with Carnifex and Killwhitneydead, bassist Eric Collins and guitarist Trevor DeGaine left the band. The current members of the band are Ian Sharp on vocals, Eric Weatherford on guitar, and Andrew Core on drums. While searching for new members, Andrew and Ian became involved with Destroy Destroy Destroy, with Eric contributing to their new album and Ian performing vocals with them on tour. They still plan to continue With Faith or Flames, however.

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