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There is more than one artist with this name, so please leave the pic with both bands. 1. An American experimental/avante garde solo project started in 1996 by Brian 'eEL' Albright of dARkBRAiN design & illustration. 2. A fidget house band formed in 2009 in Wolverhampton, England. 1. wOnk was born somewhere around 1996 by Brian 'eEL' Albright out of his love for all things artistically dark and experimental—beauty in the grotesque as it were. While never actually releasing any of his music commercially, he found love in handing out his early recordings on various self-made compilations and CDr's. Brian's WoNK remains underground, but can be seen from time to time creating new experimental pieces and sound collages for various outputs [ie.- a track where he collaborated with T.E.F. was released on a free compilation specifically created by fans of the industrial band, Skinny Puppy—http://litanycomp.darkbraindesign.com]. 2. WoNK is one of the fastest rising stars in the fidget house world. She burst onto the scene with a sound that was all her own. She’s worked with the likes of Calvertron, Aquilaganja and had major success with her first release Jack the Technique charting in the top 100 on Beatport. Now CHAMPION BEATS offers you our largest EP to date WoNK – KRUNCHIE!

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