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Xiren biography

A true underdog in the music industry, Xiren managed to have a song Butterflies featured in an international commercial for the 2007 Volkswagon, a #8 radio single on US radio in 2009, their song 'You Need Me' featured on MTV, and others licensed to the hit show Scrubs; despite the popularity of these songs, this talented group from Denver, Colorado remains obscure. As its main producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Xiren is the only official band member and remains solely responsible for its direction. From the origins of lethal Detroit garage-rock modernism to SoCal pop-hook savvy, it's always been an adventurous blaze of alternative style rock. At the core, Xiren, and in orbit around him are other talented musicians and co-writers blending timeless influences with modern music creating built-to-last tunes. More information can be found on their official site.

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