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There are at least five performers with the name "Indra": 1. Indra is an electronic/psytrance project from Beer-Sheva, Israel; 2. Indra is a dance singer from France; 3. Indra is a noise / industrial project from Saint Petersburg (Russia). 4. Indra is a Belarusian rock/metal band with female vocals; 5. Indra is a psychill/dub/ambient/tribal/roots/ethno/psytrance/trip hop DJane hailing from Croatia. 6. Indra is a singer from New York, living in Denmark. Detailed descriptions: 1. Indra is Oshri Krispin (20) from Beer-Sheva, Israel. He started to develop Indra in early 2000. In spite of his age, Indra has a sharp and brilliant production followed by amazing ideas, melodies, effects, atmosphere and variety of frequencies. His music is influenced by GMS, Eskimo, Infected Mushroom... Oshri has a very dynamic brain and creative spirit. He has already collaborated with: Gataka/Sesto Sento (remixed Analog Pussy's Sound of Soul), Safi Connection, Beat Hackers/Trauma, Future Prophecy (remixed Indra), Aquatica. He also took part in an album by HollyMan from Sigma rec, Japan. Bit later (2007) he colloborated again with HollyMan to release their new project album. The project name is Team 18 and cd was out at Enigmatic Sound. Indra released his music on various labels such as: Spliff Music, Sigma rec, DemonTea rec, USTA rec , Enigmatic Sound rec, Shiva link rec, Tribadelic rec and more. Now he is working now on a new album, it will be a full-on album with psychedelic elements. Now (2008) Indra has two solo albums released ("Killer Machine" @ Spliff Music, 2006 and "Life of Faith" @ Enigmatic Sound, 2007). MySpace: 2. Indra is a dance singer from France. She was born in Sweden and moved to Paris in the late 1980s; now she is living in Switzerland with her husband and son. Her debut single Let's Go Crazy was released in 1990. Throughout her career, Indra sold more than one million records in France; currently her discography consists of 6 full-length albums and many singles. Her first recordings were club and house, sometimes with rap influences; later she employed other styles such as pop rock and RnB. Indra has collaborated with DJ BoBo, Masterboy, Dalida. Official site: 3. Indra is an electronic/ambient musician from Romania. He was born in 1961 and played guitar in various folk bands. Indra is releasing electronic music since 1993. Official site: 4. Indra is a rock/metal band from Polotsk, Belarus. The band was founded in 2003 and has recorded one studio album. Vocals, guitars and cello are performed by three girls, the bassist and drummer are males. 5. For more info check: 6. Indra was formed in fall of 2006, when the singer first visited Århus from New York City, her hometown. When she eventually moved to Denmark permanently in the summer of 2007, the band started to play regularly. Indra has an extensive and diverse repertoire drawn mainly from songs that Indra has collected over her last 15 years of solo singing and international touring experience. The songs range from traditional jazz standards to traditional re-styled american folk and R&B songs.

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