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Inf, Infinite, Infonet, Infomanic, De Infonetische Ghast, Captain Chromosome, Mr. Sarcasm, Dirk Digger...the list of self-serving monikers runs longer than roll call at a Wu-Tang reunion for this Dutch producer and emcee. Inf (who answers to Bas te Braak at family functions) began rapping 15 years ago in the early 90s. Forced to learn production to back his rhymes, he began making beats in 1995...he thinks. Over the years, the necessity of digging records for samples has consumed his life, developing an unhealthy addiction. Inf's bicycle can be found outside of every record store and thrift shop from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Lunch hours and sick days are mere corporate loopholes doubling as extended digging opportunities. Such behavior patterns compounded over time, plunging Inf to the level of the socially inept. The pinnacle of Inf's vinyl fetish came in 2003 when he created an album sampling only Buck Owens' "Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass." When questioned in an interview how he could flip one song to create fourteen unique tracks, his only response was, "Ik ben de shit." Inf then put a hickey on the reporter's girl, who was standing nearby, marking her as his possession. The project was later shelved due to the sexual harassment suit incurred. Despite such setbacks, this Dutch workhorse managed to release four proper albums, among a countless slew of production work and guest appearances since 2001. In 2005, Inf signed to Beats Broke as producer on Max Fischer's debut release Nobody Knew. In lieu of points on the album, Inf demanded U.S. citizenship through an arranged marriage to one of Max's top eight MySpace groupie hos. Much to his surprise, Max's top eight consisted entirely of men. Inf resides (next door to a brothel) in Utrecht, Holland, where he holds the world's most extensive collection of Hair and Hair-related lps. He has performed with notable act Defari, and dreams of one day forming an M.O.P. tribute group.

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